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Every writer’s 5 most common hurdles... and how to leap over them!

It’s the stereotype as old as time; writers are never done.

As long as writers have been inventing literary tropes,
they’ve lived their own: a writer who can’t write.

Do these sound familiar?

5 Most Common Writing Fears

  1. Thinking your writing might stink.
  2. Wondering who would want to read about your (fill in the blank: fantasy characters, time in the Peace Corps, first year as a dad, etc.).
  3. Wanting to write, but not wanting to research the details that will add authenticity to your piece.
  4. Having to dig into your own emotions while digging into your characters’ feelings.
  5. Dreading rejection by publishers.

So, as an aspiring novelist, how do you go from a standstill to a flying leap?

  1. Face your fears. Acknowledge your concerns, but choose a point to simply move on.
  2. Piece out your work. Break down your work into smaller goals that you can accomplish on a daily or weekly basis. Use an outline to help organize your thoughts.
  3. Don’t edit while you write. You’ll get nowhere if you try to perfect as you write. Get out the guts and worry about the fine tuning later.
  4. Know when to stop editing. Turn off your laptop and walk away. Then show your work to someone else; an outside perspective can move you along.

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