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Learn the essential grammar and vocabulary to prepare for your French translation exam or scholarly research with UW-Madison’s French for Reading Knowledge class.

Offered online three times per year, this class is open to all students who want to study French for reading knowledge and translation.

5 reasons to choose French for your grad school research language

  • It’s easy to learn: linguists estimate up to a third of English words are derived from French, giving it more lexical common ground with English than any other Romance language.
  • French is on the rise: spoken on five continents, French remains a major international language. It is the one of the official languages of the European Union and many of the quickest-growing African countries have French as an official language.
  • Improve your analysis skills: besides being known as the language of love, the French language builds keen reasoning and develops critical thinking.
  • French is a cornerstone of philosophy and science: French is the language of great philosophers (Descartes, Camus, Beauvoir, Derrida, Fanon) and eminent scientists (Pascal, Lamarck, Curie, Pasteur, Piaget).
  • French culture is world famous: France is an international center of cuisine, fashion, theatre, cinema, architecture, dance, visual arts, literature, and joie de vivre!
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