Speak Spanish like a professional!

Get certified online in 6 months


Take 2 classes online over 6 months to acquire the language skills and culture knowledge you need to be even more successful when doing business in Spanish-speaking countries.

What will you learn?

Business Spanish 1 features essential skills.

Write professional emails. Converse over the phone. Skype. Practice business etiquette. Learn how to discuss your own background and skills as well as your company’s products, services, and structure.

Business Spanish 2 puts those skills into context.

Module 1: Effective Interviewing for Jobs or Partnerships
You’ll put your skills into real-world settings, such as applying for a position, hiring for a position, and seeking international business partners.

Module 2: Customized Project
Work closely with an instructor researching a specific business sector in the Spanish-speaking country of your choice. Gain knowledge and vocabulary tailored to your immediate professional needs.

Starts March 1!

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