Vanessa Greenwald
  809 Grant Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53711
United States
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  My name is Gera Bodley and I work at Office of Human Resources on the 5th Floor of 21 N Park Street. I have a friend who works in Continuing Studies. My daughter, Vanessa Greenwald, is the artist who I'm submitting art work for your Art in the Hallway gallery. She is out of the country at this time, but I have her art work at my desk on the 5th floor. I apologize that with the art work in a different location from where I am sending this application, I don't have the titles and sizes with each image. However, each work is framed and approximately 15inx20in, and has it's own title.
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Artist's Statement
  Vanessa Greenwald

My reason for creating this work is for understanding, to comprehend the beauty of interaction, by combining two seemingly unrelated images. I am a film photographer and I focus primarily on collage. I combine photographs, that in my mind share a common element or that I find aesthetically pleasing. I try to make sure that the photographs together enhance their opposite without taking away from the single print. Nature, objects, people, and how they interact with each other are all source of curiosity and inspiration.

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