Skot Weidemann
  1123 Sherman Avenue
Madison, Wisconsin 53703
United States
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  (608) 576-0201
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  I, and almost all my immediate family has attended the U.W. I graduated with a BS and worked at jobs in Medical Photography and WHA Television for several years. My wife is director of the Master of Genetic Counselor Studies.

Regarding my photography, I have had several solo shows at the UW including a current show at the Fluno Center.

Skot Weidemann

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Artist's Statement
  I am a graduate of UW Madison, a former employee and most of my family has attended the UW as well. Photography for others has been my full time work for many years. What I have chosen to show at my current photography exhibits (several recent shows at other UW facilities) is a series of captured views of things I have seen in my travels about my longtime neighborhood, mostly in Southern WIsconsin. Another fascination is in aerial viewpoints, precipitated by a lifetime interest in flying in small aircraft. Being from a rural background, you will probably notice a rural look in some of my wok. I hope you enjoy.
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