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What is your connection to UW-Madison Continuing Studies? (Choose all that apply)

  • Student

Please supply some detail about your connection to UW-Madison Continuing Studies.
  I took the fantastic online class "Professional Certificate for Online Education – PCOE" last year with Janet Staker Woerner..
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  • October-November 2018

Artist's Statement
  Liz Chilsen | View From My Family Home

Two concerns permeate my work; the role of the individual within a broad social, political and historical sweep, and the interactions between place and people.

In View From My Family Home, I look at landscapes around the homes of four generations of my Wisconsin family: a microcosmic view of a bold alteration in American culture, and the migration from rural to urban. The idea was borne from reports that in my parents’ generation, between one-half and one-third of Americans lived on farms while in my own, less than 2% do. My personal view of this intersection of nature and culture is the project’s root.

These pictures consider both interior and exterior landscapes, public and private. My hope is that we resist the urge to turn away from complexities of the outside world and instead move to engage them.

BIO info
I’m from northern Wisconsin, and though I’ve lived in Chicagoland for more than 20 years, Wisconsin is still home. I am an educator and an artist. Wisconsin is my muse.

As an educator, I’m continually seeking ways to update my teaching, and I enrolled in the fantastic online “Professional Certificate in Online Education (PCOE)” class with Janet Staker Woerner at the helm. Offered through UW-Madison Continuing Studies, it was a great way to explore new methodologies I can use in the classroom both online and off. Most of my teaching could be described as ‘blended’. My students benefit from the community online tools can offer.

Technology is a tool for expression. I make photographs, films, and books, and I write a blog called “Neighborland” on ChicagoNow. There, I frequently write about my home state. You can read it at

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