Kathryn Akbik
  7518 Polar Bear Trail
Madison, Wisconsin 53719
United States
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  (608) 469-0734
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  I have taken a number of art courses through UW Extension, including bookmaking, papermaking, art journaling, and various printmaking classes. The instruction is always exceptional, and the facilities are excellent. It is also nice to be able to form a community with others who are interested in exploring new artistic avenues.
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  • April-May 2019
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Artist's Statement
  The natural world has always fascinated me, and as a subject for artistic exploration, it provides endless inspiration, from the textures of fur and feathers, to the play of light on shapes and volumes, and the quirks of personality and expression. In relief printmaking, I can add to these considerations the textures provided by the chosen matrix: wood or pvc or linoleum, and the size and quality of line. The carving of the block can be a somewhat physical, but at the same time, a meditative process that allows me to further immerse myself in the creation of the finished work.
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  Relief Printmaking
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