Kate Margelofsky-Sorensen
  2015 Corscot Court
Madison, Wisconsin 53704
United States
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  (608) 241-2511
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  Moira Kelley is a dear friend of mine. She, and your office, were also instrumental in my late in life educational endeavors that started with a class at UW-Madison.
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  • December 2018 – January 2019
  • February-March 2019

Artist's Statement
  I'm not at all a fan of winter or of the cold but regardless of the weather if we've been blessed to have the infrequent occurrence of hoar or rime frost I'm out trudging through the snow and cold trying to capture the beauty of the crystal formations in the brief amount of time they can be witnessed.
Hoar frost is created when water vapor freezes, causing the vapor to go from a gaseous state to a solid state. Rime frost is created when super-cooled water droplets freeze on contact with cold surfaces. Both forms are most often seen first thing in the morning when conditions are optimal for the crystals to have formed and be seen
Neither are easy to capture cause as soon as the sun hits the crystals they can melt. Likewise, to get close enough to see the delicate crystal structure even breathing on them can cause them to melt. Either way, the effect is almost instantaneous and they disappear. They're well worth the time and effort but present a great challenge none the less in attempting to photograph the tiny crystalline formations.
I hope you enjoy these images and the beauty of this infrequent phenomenon and the next time you see the shimmering and sparkling landscape they create I urge you get close and see the exquisite beauty for yourself.
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