Jo Morgan
  6205 Davenport Dr
Madison, Wisconsin 53711
United States
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  In 1991 I completed a reading teacher certificate program at the UW, several years after receiving my BS in education from OSU.
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Artist's Statement
  Jo Morgan
Madison WI

From early childhood, I have been fascinated with forms in nature, human faces and the human form. When I was ten I began to draw people and I couldn’t stop. Every chance to doodle I spent drawing faces. I drew them in my school notebooks, and on scraps of paper often when I was in the middle of doing something else. Through middle school and high school, I enrolled in every art class available and savored the experiences. In early adulthood during intensive full-time parenting I fell in love with watercolor, drawn to the myriad of color possibilities and the versatility the medium offered. I took classes with talented Madison watercolorist, Lee Dulin, to whom I am forever grateful. I dabbled my way through young adulthood, every once in a while producing what I could call a painting. Then later in the midst of a personal growth spurt (read “mid-life crisis”) I picked up the brush in earnest and began to produce paintings regularly.
I absolutely love working with vivid saturated color forms and black line. I work intuitively, beginning with a main idea or a rough sketch and then allowing the process of putting paint on paper to guide me. I am often inspired by old unfinished paintings I find lying around and delight in turning them into something completely different from their original imaginings. In other words, painting is a wonderful form of play for me and I hope the joy contained in the doing seeps into the final piece.

Fluorescent Foliage 16×19.75 Magnolia II 22.5×21 Ginko Rainbow 23.5×23.5 Tall Tulips 19.75×18

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