Issis Macias
  633 W. Wilson St. Unit 414
Madison, Wisconsin 53703-4284
United States
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  (562) 413-0915
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  I'm looking to enroll in the "Painting With Acrylics: What I Wish I Knew at the Beginning" class (pending my supervisor's approval). I work full-time as a Watershed Engagement Manager for Clean Lakes Alliance and I've been wanting to take an art class at UW-Madison Continuing Studies since I first moved here from Los Angeles back in October 2016. My husband is a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at UW-Madison, so I'm well aware of the university's research status and tremendous support of the arts.
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  • April-May 2019
  • Aug-Sept 2019

Artist's Statement
  Issis Macias is a self-taught artist, born and raised in Southern California. In 2012, while exploring Los Angeles’ eclectic art scene, an encounter with a community of accomplished painters, musicians, and photographers ignited an exploration of “self” and a curiosity for artistic expression.

Today, her paintings are varied in style, reflecting an intuitive process and approach. She primarily works with acrylic and spray paints on canvas and enjoys the meditative process of using mixed media. Her textures, forms, and shapes are derived from her freestyle methods of spreading paint with canvas keys, wooden rulers, and bare hands. The result is a distinctive body of abstract artwork that is vibrant and emotive. Joy, exuberance, melancholy, and rage – are all transmuted in her paintings.

Currently residing in Madison, Wisconsin, she finds inspiration in the simplicity of life, soul connections, music, and travels.

For commissions or inquiries: + IG @issis.unstrung

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