Bernie Tennis
  1731 baker ave
madison, Wisconsin 53705
United States
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  (608) 669-4601
What is your connection to UW-Madison Continuing Studies? (Choose all that apply)

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Please supply some detail about your connection to UW-Madison Continuing Studies.
  I paint regularly at open studio sessions at Phil Salamone's studio. I also worked 10 years for the UW (School of Medicine and Public Health – Dept of Population Sciences) before leaving a few years ago to become a full time artist.
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  • April-May 2019
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  • Feb-March 2020

Artist's Statement
  Bernie Tennis
(608) 669-4601

Like many people I loved to draw and paint early in life but, also like many people, I dropped this activity sometime in my teen years when other interests arose. After taking a degree in an unrelated field I found I had a passion for art, and so as an adult I set about (re)discovering myself as an artist.

Though I will draw anything, and love to paint landscapes, my favorite subject has always been people. For the last 25 years I have worked at art fairs and events of all types, drawing patrons and guests. I’ve attended studio painting sessions at the UW and for a time worked a half time position at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health. Now I am a full time artist.

My most serious work is done in watercolor. I enjoy the immediacy and vibrancy (and unpredictability) of the medium and the way colors can interact without compromising their individuality. And there are almost as many styles of watercolor painting as there are watercolor painters, so the possibilities are without bound. But watercolor can also be quite unforgiving if you lose your way in the course of a painting. I compare the process of painting a watercolor to owning a cat: you can control it to a certain degree but you’re mostly better off letting it do whatever it wants.

What is your primary medium?
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